Fabulash Eyelash Extension Testimonials

“My lashes are my life!! I’m totally addicted to them and absolutely love them. They make such a difference to my face and they make me feel so glam. I also love getting my eyebrows  and nails done.  I couldn’t live without my fix!! Alison always does such a good job and is very friendly and professional. She is always accessible in my hour of need.  I would recommend her to anyone.  She is best eyelash specialist I have ever been to and her lashes really last so well.” Maureen, Carnhill

” I was very happy with Fabulash!  The process took about 2hrs but I didn’t even feel the time going in nor did I feel Alison working on my lashes.  Very comfortable and painless process,  I would say that it is quite relaxing.  I will be recommending Fabulash to all my friends!!”    Tina, Waterside

“My first time ever having Fabulash lashes applied and I’m addicted!  Totally love the outcome.  They look so natural and are so easy to maintain.  The whole procedure for the glam set took about 2hrs and was well worth it.  It’s so relaxing and you don’t even feel Alison working at your eyes. I would highly recommend it and will definitely be back.”      Laura, Waterside

Just wanted to let you know that I got right through the New Year with most of my lashes intact. Was absolutely delighted as it just made me feel so feminine again at all the bashes I had over Xmas and New Years. So thanks for the fantastic job you did on me!!   Tracy, Eglinton

“I am extremely happy with the results that Fabulash eyelashes give me.  They are totally weightless and I don’t feel like I am wearing them at all.  I would have no hesitation in recommending this procedure to anyone.  The result speaks for itself.”      Kerry, Victoria Road